It's been a little quiet here for a while. A lot of great things have happened and a few not so great things. You know, life sometimes just happens. Fact: you will face challenges and sometimes they'll feel insurmountable. Overwhelming. During the times you're overwhelmed a way out may not be clear. You know when you're at the sea and underestimate the power of a wave and you end up tumbling? In the midst of all the "drama" you might face, remember it is not about putting on a brave face or denial. Remember that God is not surprised by what Continue Reading [...]
Well, Christ has come and gone and it's downhill to Youth Week camp from here. The theme for 2014 has been soooo publicised on the Youth Week website, Twitter and Facebook... If you didn't know, where have you been?! And, at least now you know... Now is a great time for all of us to get our spiritual appetites up. Pray for Youth Week (YW). Pray for yourself, that you'd have a God-encounter. Pray for everyone else, that they would hear God above all. The Youth Week planning committee has been getting their hustle on since YW 2013 to make sure Continue Reading [...]
The need for approval is one of the biggest motivators. In a search for approval we can lose ourselves. We can become slaves to things that take us away from God and His plans for our lives. Purpose and peace evade us when we are slaves to approval by others instead of God [Click to Tweet] Catch Christ-following rapper, illCeey as he connects with Blessing. illCeey talks about how he went off track because of seeking approval and wanting to be "noticed" by others. Hear how he turned around and now lives free from seeking approval from Continue Reading [...]
We all have our preferences when it comes to what we eat. Yeah. Food is for stomach. Right? What we eat determines what we become. There is no way that what we eat doesn't show out and who we are. In what we become. When was the last time you took a look at your diet? 1 Peter 2:2 Continue Reading [...]


The Other 51 —  12 September 2013  Leave a comment
Jesus challenges us to be visible. To be so transparent that the the world looks at us but sees God through us. Letting our lights shine is about making God more visible, to those we encounter, through our actions and how we live our lives. Letting your light shine is about being uncompromising about standards that allow us to rep Christ. It is a challenge to let the world and those around us appreciate Christ without drawing or turning the attention to ourselves . Let your actions Continue Reading [...]